Melzi Sharps Finder


The Melzi Sharps Finder was designed by surgeons who understand how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to search for surgical needles and sharps. This tool is designed to work in a 5mm trocar and can be used for open, laparoscopic, and robotic surgeries. The Melzi Sharps Finder gives surgeons an easy-to-use tool designed to locate lost sharps in the surgical area. It is indicated for use in gastroenterology and urology surgeries.



Audio and LED indications on flexible neck. Sensitivity control located on the handle.


45cm shaft for use in laparoscopic and robotic procedures and fits through a 5mm trocar.



Ergonomic handle with adjustments dials for sensitivity, rotation and deflection.


Use Time

Single-use device. Pull tab to activate.


The use of an adjunct technology, like Melzi Sharps Finder, can bring patient safety, time, financial, and risk benefits. In a lab study, testing results show 13mm, 17mm, and 26mm needles detected at 95% reliability rate.

Patient Safety Benefits

  • Gives surgeons a tool to find lost sharps and minimize the exposure of X-Ray for staff and patient
  • Minimize the chance of prolonged surgery, extended hospital stay, retained surgical item incident, and re-operation
  • Reduce the need for additional personnel (radiologist or additional staff) to enter the OR

Time Benefits

  • Having an adjunct technology to assist with the lost sharps search while waiting for the X-Ray to arrive
  • When sharps are found with the Sharps Finder, X-Ray can be called off completely

Financial Benefits

  • Enable OR efficiency
  • Minimize the occurrence of potential RSI cases which could lead to hospital fine or reduced reimbursement
  • Minimize potential lawsuit

Risk Benefits

  • Lessen the potential reputation damage for hospital and physicians
  • Minimize the chance of retained surgical item events or litigations
  • Minimize the risk for revenue loss, job loss, or center closure


The following calculators help you figure out how many units of Sharps Finder you will need for your hospital and the potential financial savings on each lost sharp event.

Simplified Unit Calculator

Option A

A nation-wide survey indicated roughly 4 lost sharp events occur every 1,000 surgeries.

Potential lost sharps per year:

Comprehensive Unit Calculator

Option B
The same survey showed a weighted average of 3.6 lost sharps events per year per surgeon. The following surgical specialties are most prone to lost sharps events. Enter the number of surgeons in your hospital by specialty in the right column.

Potential lost sharps per year:

Financial Savings Calculator

Each time an X-Ray is requested to find sharps, it takes about 21 – 30 minutes for the X-Ray to arrive and more time to conduct the examination and analyze the results. Put in the cost associated with each category for an additional 30 minutes OR time. For example, an average level 3 surgery 30 minutes incremental charge is $2,680.

Per lost sharp event costs:

Product Demo

Melzi Sharps Finder is designed to help surgeons locate sharps (such as instruments, needles, broken pieces, and fragments) in the surgical area. It is FDA registered and ready for human use.

Workflow Sample: Lost Sharps

When a surgeon recognizes a sharp is lost or miscount is identified, you can incorporate Melzi Sharps Finder as part of the search while waiting for the X-Ray to arrive.  If the sharp is found before the X-Ray arrival, it could be canceled.

T (min) = 0

Stop Surgery

Surgeon identifies needle lost

T (min) = 1-5

Search Methodically

  • Halt Surgery, suspend wound closure
  • Camera survey of the surgical area
  • Initiate methodical search

T (min) = 6-20

Use Melzi Sharps Finder

  • Request X-Ray for lost needle
  • Open Melzi Sharps Finder to search immediately before X-Ray arrives (15+ mins)

Item Found with Melzi?

If YES, Cancel X-Ray

T (min) = 20+

Cancel or Use X-Ray

Item Found with Melzi?

If YES, Cancel X-Ray

If NO, X-Ray taken