Help Surgeons Find Surgical Sharps

Designed by surgeons who understand how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to search for surgical needles and sharp objects, Melzi Sharps Finder works in laparoscopic, robotic and open procedures.

(Sharp detection indicated by audio sound and blue light on tip and handle.)

Losing a Needle or
Sharp Object is 
A Big Deal

Lost Needles Are a Fact of Surgeon Life.1

  • 63.8% of surgeons surveyed experienced a lost needle during surgery within the last 12 months
  • 89.6% reported one to five losses during their careers.

Increased Risks to Patient and Staff

  • Prolonged anesthesia time
  • Patient/staff X-Ray exposure
  • Potential chronic pain, irritation, or organ injury

Increased OR Time and Costs1

  • Over 13% of events required more than 30 minutes to locate and recover needles.
  • In 3% of events, surgeons were unable to recover needles after search

$2 Million Average Malpractice Claim2

  • RSI events are not reimbursable, leaving hospitals to absorb costs and settlement
  • Approximately $473,000 average RSI indemnity payment
  • Approximately $2,000,000 claim involving permanent patient damage
  • $105,000 to $865,000 individual physician indemnity.

Damaged Surgeon and Hospital Reputations

  • RSIs must be reported and impact hospital safety grades
  • The media is quick to report sensational RSI events
  • Following some cases, hospital leadership changes and entire practices close

Case Study: Losing
Surgical Needles

To avoid the consequences of RSIs, surgeons spend a significant amount of time and resources locating lost surgical needles, broken instruments and sharps in their patients. RSI searches result in greater exposure to radiation, prolonged anesthesia, and ultimately result in increased OR costs. When surgeons can’t find sharps, patient disclosure is required and both hospitals and surgeons are at risk of reputational damage or litigation.