About Melzi

Our Mission

To create cost-effective technology that improves patient outcomes while reducing hospital expenses.

About Melzi

Melzi is a surgical device company dedicated to creating innovative technologies that improve patient outcomes while reducing hospital expenses.  The Company’s lead product, the Melzi Sharps Finder, is a U.S. FDA registered device designed to locate instruments, needles, broken pieces and fragments, or sharp objects (“sharps”) that have been lost inside a patient during surgery.  It is estimated that 396,000 lost sharp object events occur during surgery annually in the United States, which can prolong surgery times and require x-rays resulting in added costs for the hospital.  The Melzi Sharps Finder is an easy-to-use hand tool capable of working in a 5mm trocar for laparoscopic and robotic surgeries and can also be used in open surgery. 

The use of an adjunct technology, like the Melzi Sharps Finder, can bring patient safety, time, financial, and risk benefits.  The Melzi Sharps Finder is currently indicated for use in gastroenterology and urology surgeries.

Leadership Team

Reid Rutherford


Reid drives Melzi’s strategic vision and manages financial operations.  Reid is a successful serial entrepreneur currently serving on the board for: BigRentz, ConnectSV, DSP Concepts and United In Purpose. MBA Stanford.

Dr. Samuel Weprin

CO-FOUNDER & Product Innovation

Sam identified the medical product need and drove the initial product design and refinement.  He is a resident physician at Virginia Commonwealth Health and received his MD from Temple University.

Ivy Montgomery

CO-FOUNDER & VP of Marketing

Ivy helps bring Sharps Finders to the hands of the surgeons. She is a B2B Go-to-Market executive with a passion to create innovate technologies to lower healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes. She received her MBA from MIT Sloan.


Dr. Daniel Eun

CO-FOUNDER & Chief Robotic Surgeon

​Dan provides guidance to create products and features that address key surgical needs. He is a Chief Robotic Surgeon and Director of Minimally Invasive Robotic Urologic Oncology and Reconstructive Surgery at Temple University Hospital. He is also a Professor of Urology at Lewis Katz School of Medicine.

Dr. John Noel

CO-FOUNDER & Product Engineering

​John has the passion and expertise in designing and developing medical technology. He is an Associate Professor of Biomedical Research at the Department of Physics at Temple University. He received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Texas A&M.

Luke Clauson

CO-FOUNDER & Innovative Drive CEO

Innovative Drive specializes in both product design and manufacturing systems for medical devices with a firm understanding of quality systems, regulatory constraints, and IP strategy. It has been a R&D partner for many medical device companies.

Medical Advisors

Lanhee Chen

Chair of the Board of Directors

El Camino Hospital

Dr. James Porter

Chief Robotic Urological Surgery

Swedish Medical Center

Dr. Sean Harbison

Chief of General Surgery Surgery

Penn Presbyterian

Dr. James Brooks

Urology Professor

Stanford Medicine

Dr. Arnold Advincula

Chief Gynecologic Surgery

Columbia Medical

Dr. Jay Shah

Vice Chief of Staff

Stanford Medical Center

Dr. Abbas Abbas

Chief of Thoracic Surgery

Brown University

Dr. Nicholas Perrino

Assistant Vice President

Hospital for Special Surgery